Pops (Mark’s dad, Jim), Brandon, Kimmy, Mark, Kache, Loran, Lorie, Matthew, Olivia, Mom (Lorie’s mom, Bonnie).

Welcome to It’s All In A Day’s Insanity, a life-journey page.  On here, I generally let it all hang out about one thing or another.  Family life, politics, kids, religion, shoes, books, boobs, men, movies, fashion, food, peri-menopause, pms, …..  It’s my survival guide and instruction booklet for those who might be struggling through some of what I’ve been through thus far in this crazy life.  Hopefully, what’s written will make you laugh, cry and think.

I’m a wife of 25 + years.  My heart is owned by my husband, Mark, our five children and our little grandson, Kache.  We’ve had, as Mark puts it, “one hell of a ride,” so far.  Hence the title of this little survival guide.  I write with joy and a damn good (some might say twisted) sense of humor in hopes that at least a little of the peace of mind and heart I’ve found will make its way into the lives of the people (so far 16 – 7 of whom are not related, 2 of whom haven’t known me since I was an infant)  who read this blog regularly.

Look for changes along the way and be sure to let me know what you think!


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